A next-gen torrent client with the features that you deserve

Extreme fast

Download torrents really fast, thanks to the webtorrent libraries Neighbor can connect to the Torrent, web network and DHT network and download torrents faster than other clients.

Stream Torrents

Start to play videos before the torrent is fully downloaded, allow to see videos while the download is in progress.

Search torrents

Neighbor allow to search torrents in other Neighbor clients and in communities, removing the need of visit torrent sites and allow to find what you want faster.

What is Neighbor?

Neighbor is a new torrent client that try to solve some problems of the actual torrent clients and implement user demanded features that actually other torrent client don't have.

Thanks to the implementation of the Webtorrent libraries, Neighbor use the regular torrent protocols, and the new web torrent protocol, this increase the share and download speeds a lot, Neighbor is possibly one of the faster Torrent clients to downloading content.

Other of the main Neighbor features are the “Neighbor protocol”.

This protocol help to solve some of the problems of other Torrent clients, allowing for example to search torrents in other Neighbor clients, or in “communities” that work similar to websites, storing the torrents and allowing to search remotely without the requirement of have a full website.

Neighbor features

Neighbor is free

Neighbor is free software, you can download the last version in the download section.

Currently only the Windows version is available, but versions for Linux and Mac are work in progress.

Want to become a community?

If you are interested in implement the Neighbor protocol in your own software, or become a community to share contents with others using your server, in the Protocol page you can read more about.